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The Real Retirement Podcast

Dec 1, 2020

As we head into the holiday and giving season, here’s 3 strategies to help you save on taxes thanks to the CARES Act that was passed last spring in response to the coronavirus. These changes are for this year only, so I want you to know about them.

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Nov 1, 2020

If we are going to have a chance at building wealth and making our money last through retirement, then we’d darn well better know what it means to actually be an investor.

How most people define what an investor is could put your retirement in jeopardy. After this episode, you'll know how to be real investors because...

Sep 30, 2020

What you need to know heading into this Fall's election. Is it better to have a Democrat or Republican in office for the stock market? What changes should be made in my portfolio heading into the election?

I dive in to what the data tells us and what you must do if you are going to come out ahead.

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