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The Real Retirement Podcast

Apr 1, 2021

Part 1 of a mini-series on investing. 

How you allocate your money into asset classes is said to be the most important decision you will make as an investor. I'm here to tell you that is exactly wrong.

We'll discuss this and how we should be thinking about asset allocation.

Today, we'll hit on three things:

  1. What asset...

Mar 1, 2021

This is the number one question I've been getting from people who redeposited their RMD from 2020. 

The CAREs Act suspended 2020 RMDs and people were allowed to put the money back in. Yet, people are getting 1099-Rs that's saying they owe taxes!

Is this true? And how do we handle this?

For more content on how to retire...

Jan 31, 2021

Did you know you could lose over 20% of your earnings to fees?

The way you pay your advisor matters! Not only in just the dollar amounts, but in how the fees are structured and how that affects investors over time.

This is a peek behind the curtain of the financial advising space that hopefully will serve to inform and...

Jan 1, 2021

Have you ever needed to take a large withdrawal from your retirement account over and above your monthly income needs? Maybe you need a new car or have wanted to purchase a boat for your lake house. 

How do you go about making these withdrawals without getting killed in taxes and jeopardizing the rest of retirement?...